Shedu has travelled through time from the mid 70s at the speed of one second per second to bring you heavy music about swords. Our name is in the first edition of Eldritch Wizardry, and should be imagined as a half-man, half-eagle, preferably ridden by a valkyrie and painted on the side of a sketchy van. Also, it will be loud. We promise.


Shedu was born from a mutual love of Black Sabbath and Irish whiskey. The band was formed in 2009 when Jim Gossett and Jesse Miller, having been playing the video game "Rock Band" for a few years, had the drunken revelation that they both knew how to play real instruments. Blake White and Raven Jameson were recruited, and Shedu was formed.

Brief flirtations with song writing in apartments around Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood resulted in noise complaints. This led Shedu to start practicing in the spare room of a friends house in Renton WA which led to more noise complaints and police visits. After inebriatedly realizing that none of them could sing, aside from Kermit the Frog impressions, Jesse's brother James Cooper was flown in from the Heartland to take over vocals.

The bands first show was a benefit for the Tilted Thunder Rail Birds at Seattle's Chop Suey. This led to many other shows throughout the Seattle area, including the final night of Cafe Metropolitan being in business [which also resulted in a noise complaint and a police visit]. One year later, and with far fewer visits from the Seattle Police Department, the band opened for Diamond Head on the start of their first US tour.

Currently Shedu is working on writing more songs and are in the final stages of mixing their first EP "Tyrannicide", with Dave Hillis at Starlodge Studios.

Shedu Is

Vocals/Bass - James Cooper
Lead Guitar - Jesse Miller
Rythem Guitar - Blake White
Drums - Raven Jameson

Shedu Was

Bass - Jim Gosset

The Creed

Let the drums act as our armor, preparing the enemy for their end by the booming thump of our war kick. Encased in metal, the drum troll acts as our fore guard rising behind him the axe men. Bladed edges wrapped with wire that have tasted blood. They shall ride on the backs of feed, with bridles and saddles made from crackling daemonic aether.

Then shall come the war cry of our leader, carried on his throne by the stoutest warriors we shall provide. Heralded by his chancellor, Yarl Bizket the Wizened. He shall be the one to name terms of surrender. Once this is complete, we shall retake the land Nebuchadnezzar once held. Babylon shall be renewed.

- Ambian Walrus